ADD and ADHD Support

This site is for people with ADD,  ADHD and those who love or work with them. You will find tips to help maintain focus when it’s needed, reduce focus from unproductive areas, manage all that energy and creativity, and find peace. It is also a place to ask questions and to share the strategies that […]

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prevent adhd slip-ups

How to Prevent ADHD Slip-Ups Proactively

Oh no, you’ve missed another deadline and you’re making more excuses. You’re feeling really bad about it. Guilty as hell and you’ve upset people who were relying on you… again! You thought you had this one in the bag. You checked up on what you needed to do, spoke to the other stakeholders. Then at […]

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One Way to Positively Manage ADHD and ADD

Learning that we have ADHD can invoke a variety of responses like as shock, horror, or fear. But it can also be a great moment when we realize exactly why we are different from other people, and that it bestows unique gifts. Many people with ADHD have a special ability to think outside the box […]

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Who Me? When a Child is Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD

Some people find that it is only when a child is diagnosed with ADD or ADHD that they start to recognise some of the symptoms in themselves. It can be really confronting when a child is diagnosed with ADHD and you’re told that it’s highly heritable. So unless your family member’s ADHD has been brought on […]

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Four Tips for Using Your Character Strengths to Enjoy Your Work

When you are at work are you often worried about all your human frailties, beating yourself up about everything that goes wrong, or are you rejoicing in your many and varied strengths? It seems to be part of the human condition that we become velcroed to concerns about not measuring up. However it’s much more productive […]

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One Great Way to Find Your Strengths

Living your best life boils down to harnessing your unique strengths, recognising your values, the things that matter to you,  and using your special abilities to your best advantage in a way that makes your life meaningful. Just as many positive personal characteristics can have a negative or shadow side, so can some of the […]

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9 Great Ways to Manage Distractions at Work

Many people with ADHD have a lot of trouble managing all those distractions at work that get in the way of getting that project done. The telephone rings, not only your own extension, but phones throughout the office, or other people’s busyness on your work site, general conversations, photocopiers. Just the general buzz of a […]

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Why the Perfect Christmas is not what you think

Yesterday I watched a semi trailer reverse perfectly up to a narrow loading ramp to unload cattle. The driver was a long way from the rear end of the trailer, yet the precision with which he manoeuvred his load left me awestruck. I can’t park my much smaller car as well as that! Watching skilled […]

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